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Our Approach to IR


Our approach to effective IR starts with the premise that cultivating new institutional interest — from both the buy-side and the sell-side — is the most effective means of leveraging our clients’ investment in the Investor Relations process.

Institutionalizing client ‘stories’ by presenting them credibly and professionally to the investment community rewards companies with long-term demand for their securities. It also leverages Wall Street’s insatiable appetite for new investment ideas and management teams that can be good partners. By meeting information needs in a timely manner, being consistently accessible — through good news and bad — and communicating in a transparent, forthright manner, our clients succeed in attracting a more informed and sophisticated investor base.

How We Work

Our focus is on providing knowledgeable, personalized service that transcends the “typical” role of Investor Relations. We totally immerse ourselves in each client’s business and industry, mastering the financial and operating nuances that make each story unique. We then develop specific, appropriate strategies with realistic goals and back them up with candid, creative strategic business counsel and flawless execution.

Importantly, our clients enjoy the focus of small, committed teams of professionals led by an individual senior counselor every step of the way. This approach ensures we deliver an accountable, measurable and motivated extension of your Investor Relations program. It also couples your Investor Relations activity with proponents who can effectively attract and cultivate new investors, credible research coverage and favorable exposure in the financial and trade media.

Our client relationships are long-term engagements, some surpassing ten years in length, attesting to the level of results and satisfaction we achieve with our approach.

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